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Nešpor, K.: Jóga pro děti ve věku pět až deset let aneb Hrajeme si, cvičíme a povídáme pohádky. Velryba, Praha, 1998, s. 88.
Nešpor, K.: Uvolněně a s přehledem. Relaxace a meditace pro moderního člověka. Grada, Praha, 1998, s. 96.



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Books by Paramhansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi
This spiritual classic has been read by millions. This is the original edition, just as Yogananda wrote it, without any of the editing changes made in later editions. It includes all of the original photos — unavailable in later versions of the book.

Whispers from Eternity
The 1949 edition of mystical prayers and poems.
Yogananda said, “When I am gone, read my Whispers from Eternity. Eternally through it, I will talk to you…”

Books by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

The New Path
My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda

A marvelous sequel to Paramhansa Yogananda’s own Autobiography of a Yogi, The New Path can help you to gain a profound understanding of this great world teacher.
The book includes hundreds of stories of Yogananda, as well as Swami Kriyananda’s invaluable insights into the soul’s journey to its home in God. A must-read for every sincere spiritual seeker.

God Is for Everyone
Inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda

By Swami KriyanandaThe essence of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings are laid out in this book. Namely, that God is the only Reality which everyone is seeking, whether they know it or not — and finding God is the only way to find lasting happiness.

A Place Called Ananda
The Trial by Fire That Forged One of the Most Successful Cooperative Communities in the World Today
The story of the founding and building of Ananda, beginning with Swami Kriyananda’s personal training under his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, and continuing to this day

Education for Life
Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges
A book that provides direction for constructive change in our schools. This book is the basis for the Education for Life (EFL) System, which trains teachers, parents and educators

Hope for a Better World
The Small Communities Solution
A fresh approach to the creation of a truly viable society in this time of war, religious strife, stifling bureaucracy, and urban decay.

Books by Other Ananda Authors

Faith Is My Armor
The Life of Swami Kriyananda
By Devi Novak
The complete story of Swami Kriyananda’s life, from his childhood in Rumania, to his search for higher meaning in life, and the subsequent meeting his great Guru Paramhansa Yogananda.
Includes a recount of the powerful opposition he faced as he strove to fulfill the mission Yogananda bestowed upon him.

Many Hands Make A Miracle
A History of Ananda, 1968 – 1976
By Sadhana Devi Helin
An inspiring, informative, and entertaining book about the “early days” of Ananda by one of its founding members. It recounts the dreams and struggles of the fledgling Ananda community.

Shaped by Saints
By Devi Mukherjee
A life-long devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda, Devi tells the stories about his pilgrimages to the saints of modern-day India, including Anandamooyee Ma, the great mystic mentioned in the Autobiography of a Yogi.

Thank You, Master
By Margaret Bowen Dietz
This short book by a direct disciple of Yogananda has a number of stories about him, including his healing of a drug addict. Margaret (also known as “Peggy”) writes about her yearning for God from an early age, the discovery of her guru, and her reflections about the great master and his





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